Joyland – Whitebate

Haunting and slightly hypnotic, a little disjointed and bristling with exploration, this is Joyland. Whitebate is an aggressive serenade where thunderclaps copulate with skulking riffs. Bleak and pulsating, full of life yet somehow despair, Whitebate is an exploration into density and illusion.

Radio show – again! July 12th

Summer summer summer time.   Tripwires – Shimmer Robinson – Waiting On Cinderella Bwani Junction – Papa Candy Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Nightwater Girlfriend Speedy Ortiz – No Below French Cowboy & The One – You Wanna Sing Sky Between Leaves – Sky Between Leaves Night Flowers – Single Beds Telegram –Continue reading “Radio show – again! July 12th”