Morning Smoke- Hunger/Stephanie I

A dark and riotous double A side from Brighton-based noisy post-punkers Morning Smoke, this duo skids with fever and lack of direction, with smoky tension on the lead guitar cavorting with anguish with the tormented bass riffs. Milo McNulty’s vocals echo with Joy Division and Sonic Youth style emotion, angst ridden and drowning in raw distress, harking back toContinue reading “Morning Smoke- Hunger/Stephanie I”

Musically celebrating World Mental Health Day

To raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, and demonstrate the complexity and misunderstood nature of this type of illness that will affect 1 in 4 of us throughout our lives, here is a collection of tunes from some of the most talented and creative minds in the music business. All of whom suffered fromContinue reading “Musically celebrating World Mental Health Day”

Jubilee Courts – Strip Down

Starting with a gentle and ambient plucking, Strip Down from Northampton’s Jubilee Courts soon swarms around the listener with steel vocals and grinding melodies. Sparse and subdued but still making its presence felt, the influences of Joy Division and The Jesus and Mary Chain are evident. I could have done with a little more vibrancy in the lyrics,Continue reading “Jubilee Courts – Strip Down”

I Am In Love tell us about it

Tumbling and tidy riffs, ambitious vocals and pulsating synths, Call Me An Animal is the latest single from I Am In Love, a band so called because the singer, is. January 21st sees them play a free show at 93 Feet East – something to look forward to in the grim days of a newContinue reading “I Am In Love tell us about it”