Jenny Hval – Take Care of Yourself

On Take Care of Yourself, in a sweet and sensitive voice, Jenny Hval chucks out lyrics about ‘your soft dick’ and ‘I grab my cunt,’ stating that ‘we don’t have to fuck.’ It’s confused and shocked some, but her power does not lie in words that have the ability to raise eyebrows, but the slow burning flutterContinue reading “Jenny Hval – Take Care of Yourself”

Jenny Hval – Sabbath

‘Because when I was really young I had a dream that my vagina had braces.’ Soundbite of the year there. Jenny Hval is referring to any sordid images or lucid visions but the beginnings of her second single Sabbath from her forthcoming album Apocalypse, girl. Vulnerable anxieties are communicated via powerful rhythms and strong loops, with the Norwegian artistContinue reading “Jenny Hval – Sabbath”