Natalie Prass live at Islington Assembly Hall

It’s a glorious occasion when a record you love is exposed to you in a different light. Live at Islington Assembly Hall Natalie Prass lifts the gentle lilt and forlorn heartbreak of her debut album into something bolder, becoming feisty and lively in places where on record it’s sweet and lulling. There’s still a sensitivity and tingle toContinue reading “Natalie Prass live at Islington Assembly Hall”

Los Campesinos – Good Night For A Fist Fight

There is no way I could ever pick my favourite Los Campesinos song. Maudlin blues, lush love, always complex lyrics and cavorting melodies they are inimitable and totally adorable. Recorded in December of last year at the Islington Assembly Hall in London live album Good Night For A Fist Fight features work from across theirContinue reading “Los Campesinos – Good Night For A Fist Fight”