Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band

Flash Bang Band are something of a visceral and muscular band, their pop-psych merger and bounding energy flooding and flickering through everything they do. Having amassed quite a fan base in their home town of Brighton they are off on tour this month, taking their boundless energy and bustling rhythms around Europe. The fun andContinue reading “Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band”

An interview with…August & After

  It’s only September but we, we being Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar, aka August & After, and myself, are holed up in a pub in Stoke Newington, drinking clove infused hot toddies and warming red wine, listening to the rain lash down, and soundtracked by some noisy 1980s classics (like the aforementioned red redContinue reading “An interview with…August & After”

Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance

Given that they are about to kick of their UK tour to support new album Motto, the one subject to rave reviews, 8/10 ratings and general buzz, Katie Harkin, founder, writer, singer and guitarist of Sky Larkin would be forgiven for feeling nervous or frantic, buzzing about the attention she is receiving and anxious asContinue reading “Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance”

Caviare Days looking good for London Fashion Week

It’s always a little awkward interviewing a band. They are a unit, the cool creative gang, living the rock’n’roll dream that all teenagers (and those of us who still have the lust for it) dream of, the ones you have come to speak to and listen to, and they call the shots. You on theContinue reading “Caviare Days looking good for London Fashion Week”

Yellow Bird Project

Sometimes, when a little tipsy after a night out, and sitting on my sofa trying to sober myself up with a hefty portion of carbs to help prevent the inevitable hangover, I end up browsing online shopping. Lacking in willpower at the best of times, my bank account sometimes sees some unexpected purchases in theContinue reading “Yellow Bird Project”