A Q&A with Orville Peck

Masked enigmatic country singer Orville Peck will release his debut album Pony on March 22nd via Sub Pop. Orville croons queer love stories about hustlers travelling through the South American desert. Interesting hey? That’s why I asked him a few questions… How did you begin making music? I grew up around a lot of music.Continue reading “A Q&A with Orville Peck”

An interview with deux furieuses

Music can change the world. But in a bubblegum pop world where image matters, nice sells, and speaking out can cause a media backlash, artists find themselves stepping away from activism. Not so deux furieuses. The video for new single Time to Mourn/From Fear to Fury tells the story of a reluctant refugee leaving his war tornContinue reading “An interview with deux furieuses”

A chat with Joe Innes

A bit indie, folk, pop, anti-folk, what sort of music is it that Joe Innes & The Calvacade make? And who is Joe himself? And, whilst we’re at it – Brian?? Read on to find out more… For people who aren’t so familiar, can you give me a bit of background to you and your band?  So, I’veContinue reading “A chat with Joe Innes”

Who is London? 1000 Londoners

1000 Londoners is a project of films and people. Over five years a thousand people who call London home will be filmed telling their story, and the three minute videos posted on the website. A ‘unique digital portrait,’ anyone can be nominated, and as such the interviewees reflect the colourful human landscape of London. Everyone hasContinue reading “Who is London? 1000 Londoners”

Sonic Cathedral

Much of the music I listen to would not reach me without the support of independent groups, individuals and organisations In the music business. I am always curious as to how these people tarted out in the music industry, or often found themselves in the said place. One of my favourite independent labels is SonicContinue reading “Sonic Cathedral”