The Flowers Band from Gloucester are in their 46th year. Oh no, that’s the wrong one. This Flowers isn’t an ancient brass band, but a trio of indiepop perfection. The fourteen tracks on debut album are like brief catchy morsels planted into a youthful time capsule, frantic and feverish in energy and sentiment. They flirtContinue reading “Flowers”

The Standards – A Slight Distraction

Released September 4th on Schnapps House Records Pop needs more bands like this. Not skinny jeaned clad hipsters. Not young upstarts suddenly starry eyed. Not meaningful and morbid ‘thinking’ bands. Straight up exciting songs from a bunch of mates who know how to use their instruments to great effect and  for great sounds. Debut albumContinue reading “The Standards – A Slight Distraction”

Banquet – A Musical Feast

Ah, real record shops. Lingering over a purchase. Discovery and rediscovery. Physical objects that linger with the lust of the abstract. We chat to Molly from Banquet, in Kingston, a multitalented bunch who as well as running the record store sourcing new and alternative music, as well as promoters of weekly club night New Slang,Continue reading “Banquet – A Musical Feast”