What do you do if…. You have lots to say but no-one seems to be listening. You can’t sing in that traditional, melodic, holding a note sense of the word. You want to have fun and hang out with other women. You have a day job that drags and gives you no creative or intellectualContinue reading “Reykjavíkurdætur”

Rokkurro – Innra

Filled with dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes evocative of their native landscape, Rökkurró’s synthy, layered, textured and complex songs are drenched in feelings that are unsettled, dramatic and fluid. Innra, released in October 2014, was their first English album, but regardless of the language, their music is compelling and provocative. Lush swathes of fragile and plaintive vocals courtesy of HildurContinue reading “Rokkurro – Innra”