Juanita Stein – Get Back To The City

Juanita Stein’s new album Until The Lights Fade is released less than a year after her solo debut album America, but she hasn’t been resting up. It’s a confident and progressive follow up that richochets with energy and intensity. Get Back To The City is a sepia tinged piece of folk pop that sees Juanita exploringContinue reading “Juanita Stein – Get Back To The City”

Juanita Stein – I’ll Cry

No offence to the rest of the Howling Bells, but Juanita Stein, better known as the singer of said band, clearly can do it alone. Releasing her debut solo album America on 23 July 2017, she’s just shared her new single I’ll Cry. And it’s beautiful. Sultry and sophisticated, with a swinging lilt, emotion lingersContinue reading “Juanita Stein – I’ll Cry”

Howling Bells – Your Love

It’s been a long time since the glorious Low Happening, but Sydney band Howling Bells are back with new album Heartstrings, and this soaring and dazzling array of rock hued strings Your Love with its ticker tape infused video is the perfect introduction to what seems a more optimistic strain to their songwriting. They laid downContinue reading “Howling Bells – Your Love”