T-Shirt Weather

A bit punk, a bit pop, T-Shirt Weather are a three piece from the stunning  cathedral and castle city of Durham and T-Shirt Weather play fun and frantic music not to be taken seriously. These four songs, recorded over three days on chrome tape (a nightmare apparently) the tracks from their latest split EP with KingstonContinue reading “T-Shirt Weather”

Ezra Bang & Hot Machine – What U Can't Kill U Must Envy

And bang. The energy hits you and doesn’t abate throughout the whole record. Rap rock that bears no relationship to Limp Bizkit, the slinky beats of Ezra Bang and Hot Machine slink through the album into your hips, and have them shaking. The sonic narrative is flooded with anguish and rapture, and achieves mesmerising tunesContinue reading “Ezra Bang & Hot Machine – What U Can't Kill U Must Envy”