Red Kite & Toy @ Camden Barfly

February 6th HMV’s Next Big Thing Reviewed by Katie Stanton Red Kite is the resurrected outlet for former Cooper Temper Clause guitarist, Daniel Fisher. Their sound is the sort of classic rock to soundtrack long walks along the beach and pensive moments looking out at the ocean. Tonight, there are five people onstage , includingContinue reading “Red Kite & Toy @ Camden Barfly”

Kyla La Grange @ Upstairs at the Garage, 2nd February 2012

HMV Next Big Thing Series Young, attractive, intelligent and now a bona fida “Next Big Thing” you could say that things are looking pretty good for Kyla La Grange in 2012. She’s certainly getting her fair share of media attention and there’s a definite sense of excitement to the atmosphere in the upstairs of theContinue reading “Kyla La Grange @ Upstairs at the Garage, 2nd February 2012”

Love for Secret Rivals – Once More With Heart/I Know Something: buy it now!

Clearly It’s All Happening! believe that the gravelly emotions and gritty excitement, oscillating melodies and compulsive substance, confident and explosive rhythms of Secret Rivals Once More With Heart and I Know Something make them great examples of those sorts of songs that leave your life better than when they entered it, and an excellent follow up to their September mini-album Make DoContinue reading “Love for Secret Rivals – Once More With Heart/I Know Something: buy it now!”

Horrible Music Venues

Francesca Baker The music world is a fickle one. We want everyone to experience the life changing effects of our favourite new tune, but equally keep it firmly under wraps, for fear that wide spread exposure will damage both our credibility and the fragile magic of the music. Popularity and integrity, cash and cool, forteContinue reading “Horrible Music Venues”