After The Party by Cressida Connelly

The female experience of Fascism isn’t one we’re used to reading about. And particularly not in a way that whilst not painting the political philosophy in a sympathetic light exactly, does explore how a young mother could become swept up in it all. In Cressida Connelly’s After The Party, it’s 1979, and Phyllis Forrester takesContinue reading “After The Party by Cressida Connelly”

Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields

If you’re anything like me, or indeed 97% of London’s population, you spend the majority of your time whilst wandering the streets either looking at your phone, watching your feet to make sure you don’t trip over any remains of last night’s chicken wings or discarded copies of the Evening Standard, or staring daggers intoContinue reading “Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields”

Greenwich Book Festival: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class by Selina Todd

Selina Todd has issue with the idea of referring to the working class as the ‘forgotten’ or ‘marginalised.’ They, like her when she was growing up and starting her role as a historian, are just living their lives. It’s these lives that she explores in The Rise and Fall of the Working Class. At Greenwich BookContinue reading “Greenwich Book Festival: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class by Selina Todd”

Hadrian’s Wall: Roman discovery in Britain

Hadrian’s Wall stretches 73 miles across northern England, and was once the northern most frontier of an empire which ruled a quarter of the world. I find out more about life up here with my very own Celt to guide. Standing with our backs against the ancient wall, wind billowing against us, we’re asked toContinue reading “Hadrian’s Wall: Roman discovery in Britain”

A movie trip around Malta

Sunny skies, historic buildings, dramatic scenery and the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean (as well as favourable tax rates – the Malta Film Commission offer various incentives to attract overseas film-makers) have seen Malta play host to film makers from all countries and genres over the years. Check out some pretty spots on this tiny island toContinue reading “A movie trip around Malta”