Compassionate Living with Lucie Manning

We all want to be kind, nice, good people. But what does that look like in practice? Compassion and kindness is something easy to talk about, but can be hard to enact – an even harder to communicate to others. Lucie Manning shares her lifestyle via her Instagram Compassionate Living – and I chat to herContinue reading “Compassionate Living with Lucie Manning”

Size 0 – who is to blame for women disappearing?

Skinny versus healthy is a debate that has been raging on incessantly in the media, and the minds of women, for not only the last few months, but subconsciously forever. However, the increase in eating disorders over the last few years can not be entirely disconnected with the message coming from the catwalk that emaciationContinue reading “Size 0 – who is to blame for women disappearing?”