Mindfulness for Black Dogs & Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression

Author: Richard Gilpin As a counsellor, cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and meditation instructor, it’s fair to say Richard Gilpin is knowledgeable about the workings of the mind. But as a sufferer of depression – the ‘black dog’ that hounds one in five of us – he has also had first-hand experience of the mind’s ability to mould, meddleContinue reading “Mindfulness for Black Dogs & Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression”

Think about sex. Please.

More rewarding than Talk Like A Pirate Day, more universally applicable than International Tuba Day, healthier than Cheese Pizza Day, and infinitely more practical than National Beheading Day, February 14th has been deemed Think About Sex Day. Handily coinciding with Valentine’s Day, for the second year running The Sexual Advice Association is promoting the day asContinue reading “Think about sex. Please.”

Funeral Suits + Wild Combination @ The Old Queen's Head, 3 November 2011

You could be forgiven for thinking that the only ‘art’ coming out of Essex at the minute is those morons with the fake tans and hair product addictions soiling the TV schedules. Thankfully, Essex has plenty more to offer. Named after an Arthur Russell song and playing their first London show, Wild Combination belt outContinue reading “Funeral Suits + Wild Combination @ The Old Queen's Head, 3 November 2011”

New Nordic Melissa Dream – zzzzzzzzz

My boyfriend teases me. Relentlessly. Despite holding down a decent job, running a magazine, organising events, and having a fairly busy social life, I seem unable to be able to sleep through the night. It seems I’m not the only one, with recent research from the Mental Health Foundation revealing that over 60% of peopleContinue reading “New Nordic Melissa Dream – zzzzzzzzz”