Guest post – The Value of Critique Groups and Writing Groups

This post is by Jackie Rod, author of Georgia, Stories on my Mind. Why do writers need to join critique or writing groups? The answer is simple. Some writers are natural-born writers; however, most of us need a lot of help. Critique partners help you learn and grow. They ponder over your manuscript for characterContinue reading “Guest post – The Value of Critique Groups and Writing Groups”

Jai Paul – Jai Paul // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts The Jai Paul story is a strange one. He’s officially released 2 songs in 7 years, with the first reportedly only down to his brother unleashing it to MySpace in 2007 because it just had to be heard. That song ‘BTSTU’ has since been separatelyContinue reading “Jai Paul – Jai Paul // 2013 best of”

Fearless Vampire Killers – Live At Cockpit, Leeds

Having watched a couple of their videos online and read the odd review it seemed that Fearless Vampire Killers were both receiving a range of reviews and creating a range of music, this was going to be an interesting one. In the more intimate (sweaty) surroundings of Cockpit Room 2 the small crowd was slowlyContinue reading “Fearless Vampire Killers – Live At Cockpit, Leeds”

Live music – a matter of size?

When you mention going to see live music to people in the UK, everyone immediately thinks about going to see large, well-established bands. Whilst this is undoubtedly a natural reaction it has become too dominant. Tickets for these shows are usually very expensive, and often the venues are very impersonal. The alternative, going to seeContinue reading “Live music – a matter of size?”