Pipers – Edge of Nowhere

I don’t often listen to Neapolitan bands, I must admit, either due to a lack of supply or a narrow mind. Pipers, a three piece from the lovely Italian city have been bubbling away in the streets of Naples for a while now, and have developed their sound from electric-tinged indie pop to a moreContinue reading “Pipers – Edge of Nowhere”

Dead Young Friends – Inside Your Head

  Inside Your Head twinkles more than you might expect for a band called Dead Young Friends, cavorting along with melodies reminiscent of The Cure and Sonic Youth but with less reverb. The brainchild of talented multi-instrumentalist/producer/engineer Jorge Strofer, the talent and experience is clear in classic structures, all drizzled with added sparkle. The BrooklynContinue reading “Dead Young Friends – Inside Your Head”

Live music – a matter of size?

When you mention going to see live music to people in the UK, everyone immediately thinks about going to see large, well-established bands. Whilst this is undoubtedly a natural reaction it has become too dominant. Tickets for these shows are usually very expensive, and often the venues are very impersonal. The alternative, going to seeContinue reading “Live music – a matter of size?”

Wyndstock – The Country House Party

I love festivals. The feeling of freedom, exploration, an opportunity to revel in the luxury of being oneself, as well discover and diversify what excites you. I also love picnics, country houses, gin & tonics, and twilight magic. Until recently (I.e April when I received a press release alerting me to the change in affairs) IContinue reading “Wyndstock – The Country House Party”