Radio radio radio – August 9th

New show from Thoughts & Rhythms, you betcha. 1. Hockeysmith – Let’s Bang 2. The Vickers – She’s Lost 3. TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed 4. Gaoler’s Daughter – St Peter 5. Ghost Outfit – Waste 6. Throwing Up – Medicine 7. Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits 8. To Kill A KingContinue reading “Radio radio radio – August 9th”

Ghost Outfit – Waste

Full of lovely and deep and dark loops, it is difficult to know whether go away seriously or bounce and jump to Ghost Outfit‘s Sway. In fact, you can do both. The hazey fugg at the start merges into repeated reverberations that bristle and build, unfolding into something quite animated and agile. At 1 minContinue reading “Ghost Outfit – Waste”