Complicated Kissing

Music, love, and Art Brut’s take on it all. Art Brut’s lyrics may not be poetry in the Byronesque sense of the word, yet for pure understanding and perceptiveness of the actions and thoughts intrinsic to being a human being, few songs are more resonant than those of Art Brut. Eddie Argos acknowledges his voiceContinue reading “Complicated Kissing”

Musical Mates

If you’re stuck as to who you’d rather watch on stage, why not see which one you’d rather hang out with? To help you decide who could be your potential new best friends, we’ve devised a personality test. It’s kind of like Blind Date, except with weirder questions, no red haired Scouse woman, and wayContinue reading “Musical Mates”

My Name Is

If you can’t decide who to see, why not just judge a book by its cover, or a band by its name, and check out the best named bands. Two Minute Noodles Infinitely more palatable and less processed than the food they are named after, Two Minute Noodles sound like the feet of Morris DancersContinue reading “My Name Is”