Must sees at this year's Escape

Dappled Cities Thursday 22.15 @ Above Audio Friday 13.00 @ Horatios Saturday 15.20 @ Digital Upon hearing the news that this year’s Great Escape would be hosting a throng of Australian artists, I immediately assumed the stars would be The Temper Trap, Wolfmother and Jet. However, perhaps the jewelled cork of the hat is DappledContinue reading “Must sees at this year's Escape”

Ip Dip Who?

With a line up denser than Abi Titmuss, coupled with the unfortunate limitations of physics and philosophy rendering us stuck in one place at one time, even Lester Bangs would have found it hard to decide which band to head to. Why not make your pick based solely on the curious creativity of the bandContinue reading “Ip Dip Who?”

Charli XCX @ HMV Next Big Thing, The Borderline 5 February 2010

Music is full of dichotomies. If only it was as simple as being ‘all about the music.’ In the past week I‟ve been reminded how muchAdd New more to the whole shebang there really is. Take Goldhawks on Tuesday night (3rd Feb) at Hoxton Bar & Grill – some alright tunes, bit of a Bono complex,Continue reading “Charli XCX @ HMV Next Big Thing, The Borderline 5 February 2010”

What's new?

Francesca Baker The Molotovs – Soulful voice over angular guitars and souring choruses – very impressive. City’s Guest combines stops and starts with a hooky chorus to lure you in. Flamboyant Bella – Do exactly what they say on the tin. Exuberant pop fronted by female Flo, perfect for throwing some indie pop shapes to. Rogues – SteveContinue reading “What's new?”

Girls, girls, girls

There’s no denying that the prominent hormone in the music world is testosterone. There’s more that the fairer sex can offer the music business than just groupies, and there does seem to be more and more females wielding a guitar or banging the drums. But why has it taken so long to see women atContinue reading “Girls, girls, girls”