What makes a festival?

Conference for Festivals: ‘Capacity to Endure’ 7, 8, 9 November 2012 The Southbank Centre and The Barbican Festivals have been having a tough time of it. Thousands are held every year, spanning all types of music, arts and culture, and from a high point a couple of years ago, economic and environmental pressures have caused some crashes.Continue reading “What makes a festival?”

Summer Camp craft Welcome To Condale 'zine

Because making an utterly gorgeous simmering album isn’t enough, Summer Camp, the London duo made up of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley have crafted an accompanying zine. As cinematically tinged as their music, it is full of handwritten notes, typewriter lists, photos taken unaware, and musings of the soul. Heart. Welcome To Condale will beContinue reading “Summer Camp craft Welcome To Condale 'zine”

Musical Bingo meets Halloween

It’s All Happening are thrilled to have been invited to Musical Bingo’s Big Halloween fash-off. All the best dressed big names will be there, Ted Baker, Asos, River Island, TopShop, Kurt Gieger and JN Productions….and It’s All Happening? The original, and some say best, musical bingo, as seen at the National Theatre, Great Escape, Glastonbury, IsleContinue reading “Musical Bingo meets Halloween”

Music. Bingo!

I don’t like numbers. I’m a words girl. And try as they might over the years, bingo callers have , managed to make the numbers that exciting. Legs eleven, two little birds, however you dress it up, digits are still digits. A bit of competition injects some pizzazz into proceedings, but I still find it difficult toContinue reading “Music. Bingo!”

July 2009 – Welcome

Ciao, Three is the magic number apparently, and hopefully some of that enchantment has rubbed off on our third issue of It’s All Happening. In no particular order we cover Fight Like Apes, Dinosaur Pile Up, Kid Harpoon, Regina Spektor, Enter Shikari, Soft Toy Emergency, Slow Club, Little Comets, Small White Light, The Momeraths, KasabianContinue reading “July 2009 – Welcome”