Whilst some of us are wondering how on earth it is mid way through 2014 already, New York’s Wyldlife are back in 1979, unwrapping their newly purchased The Buzzcocks records and wondering when The Clash might make it over the pond. Before slicking back their hair, downing some beers, chucking on a leather jacket shredding up their sixContinue reading “Wyldlife”

Kyla La Grange @ Upstairs at the Garage, 2nd February 2012

HMV Next Big Thing Series Young, attractive, intelligent and now a bona fida “Next Big Thing” you could say that things are looking pretty good for Kyla La Grange in 2012. She’s certainly getting her fair share of media attention and there’s a definite sense of excitement to the atmosphere in the upstairs of theContinue reading “Kyla La Grange @ Upstairs at the Garage, 2nd February 2012”