Play time! Even for adults.

We have this binary distinction in terms of the activities we can engage in, all defined by age. Play is for children; work is for adults. You can label activities such as drawing, role play, sports, aimless wandering etc as work, mindfulness, exercise or just necessary, and some how that legitimises them. But what’s wrongContinue reading “Play time! Even for adults.”

Wyndstock – The Country House Party

I love festivals. The feeling of freedom, exploration, an opportunity to revel in the luxury of being oneself, as well discover and diversify what excites you. I also love picnics, country houses, gin & tonics, and twilight magic. Until recently (I.e April when I received a press release alerting me to the change in affairs) IContinue reading “Wyndstock – The Country House Party”

Music. Bingo!

I don’t like numbers. I’m a words girl. And try as they might over the years, bingo callers have , managed to make the numbers that exciting. Legs eleven, two little birds, however you dress it up, digits are still digits. A bit of competition injects some pizzazz into proceedings, but I still find it difficult toContinue reading “Music. Bingo!”