Squirrel Flower – Red Shoulder

Squirrel Flower (he moniker of Ella O’Connor Williams ) has announced her debut album I Was Born Swimming, out January 31st on Full Time Hobby. First single Red Shoulder is a melancholic and atmospheric stunner, that simmers with potency, all soulful guitars, haunting vocals, and crashing choruses. Squirrel Flower’s music is steely and confident, atContinue reading “Squirrel Flower – Red Shoulder”

Katie von Schleicher – Shitty Hits

Katie von Schleicher knows that these hits are anything but shitty. Shitty Hits, Von Schleicher’s self-produced and co-engineered debut, was created on a tape machine at her childhood home in Maryland. It’s a hazy album about growing up and the struggles of simply being a human. It’s not grand or profound, but just life. PackedContinue reading “Katie von Schleicher – Shitty Hits”

Diagrams – Gentle Morning Song

‘Relationships are a constant thread. In all their frustrating, exciting, mundane, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, scary glory,’ says Sam Genders, aka Diagrams. On Gentle Morning Song we get the feeling that he is embracing that idea of life in all its glory. His clipped and soothing vocal tones over the soft jitter of guitars and eclecticContinue reading “Diagrams – Gentle Morning Song”