Adam & Eve….and Steve

    What if….the Bible isn’t fact? The story of Genesis not completely true. And some theatre company decided to turn the whole Adam & Eve thing on its head, and introduce – Steve? That’s what writer Chandler Warren and director Francesca Goodridge have done in Adam & Eve….and Steve makes its London debut atContinue reading “Adam & Eve….and Steve”

We Are Bronte

Entering the stage in eerie darkness with pale faces and gaunt expressions, Angus Barr and Sarah Corbett of Publick Transport invite us to come with them on a journey to Yorkshire – as villagers or audience – as they deconstruct and challenge the Bronte myth. Appearing in a flurry and panic with almost possessed eyes,Continue reading “We Are Bronte”

her – Half Moon Theatre

Life as a fifteen year old girl can be hard. But living in London it can be difficult to remember just how hard. In conflict zones across the world just the basic struggle to survive is a daily reality. In her, a live graphic novel, combining stage action, film and animation through clever technology, writerContinue reading “her – Half Moon Theatre”

Muted at The Bunker Theatre

By Alexis Keir Evocative and moving night this week spent at the Bunker Theatre to see a new British musical Muted. It was the Bunker itself which first  made me catch my breath – looking for a classic street level auditorium I nearly walked past the wide carpark like ramp (next to The Menier  Chocolate Factory)Continue reading “Muted at The Bunker Theatre”


For some reason, despite the fact that we’re all glued to our phones and screens like an extra limb, and that we communicate with everyone else important in our lives through technology, the idea of meeting a partner online is still slightly taboo. Alyssa Salter of all female theatre company New Match Collective realised howContinue reading “Swipe”