Young Runaways – new band alert!

Orchestra meets pop, the midlands meets magic, Young Runaways make majestic and powerful music which meddles folk story telling, pop immediacy, and classical ability. As well as the usual drums, bass, guitar they rock the violin, trumpet and trombone, and use the boy/girl vocals in harmony, not just the call and response which is so familiarContinue reading “Young Runaways – new band alert!”

Soulmates Never Die – Pretty Missiles Don't Punch Me

Melodic poetry delivered at pace with a jaunty guitar and had a go attitude, Soulmates Never Die is an alternative acoustic singer songwriter of sorts. Think Frank Turner crossed with The Streets in their story telling sensibilities and raw execution. There’s an endearing honesty which makes it feel as though all of the wounds andContinue reading “Soulmates Never Die – Pretty Missiles Don't Punch Me”

Rachel Sermanni, Robbie Boyd & Sugardrum

So, how did it go? We could rave about how wonderful it was, boast that we sold out, be pleased that people were piling in on the steps outside, impress you with the that fact all the profits raised by the cafe went to St Margaret’s House, or we could just let you see some ofContinue reading “Rachel Sermanni, Robbie Boyd & Sugardrum”