An interview with…August & After

  It’s only September but we, we being Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar, aka August & After, and myself, are holed up in a pub in Stoke Newington, drinking clove infused hot toddies and warming red wine, listening to the rain lash down, and soundtracked by some noisy 1980s classics (like the aforementioned red redContinue reading “An interview with…August & After”

Introducing – Courtney Yasmineh

Ballsy and confident in demeanour, Courtney Yasmineh is charming and captivating, and her music direct and delicious, a potent cocktail of  alternative rock, folk, pop and even a little gospel, all blended and blurred into a dazzling and blistering output.  A complex and tough upbringing saw her flee to great north woods of Minnesota whereContinue reading “Introducing – Courtney Yasmineh”

The Beautiful Word – May Not Be Love

The Beautiful Word create music that they refer to as mystery pop. Gentle, dazzling and beguiling, the infectiously happy warm nature of the band shimmers with dimensions, and the blend of front girls Emily Bryant and Megan Clifton voices together make one singular, captivating texture. This new track May Not Be Love has more melancholyContinue reading “The Beautiful Word – May Not Be Love”

Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP

Released on Cool For Cats Records on April 29th From the opening gentle picking pattern on Rain At Night and the first time we are introduced to the warm wholesome vocals of Malena, through to the final lulls of Si Quedamos the debut EP from Oh So Quiet is one uses strings and strums to their full effect, being soothingContinue reading “Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP”

Peter Darling – Limehouse

Peter Darling is a singer songwriter from Kent. So Peter Darling is some bloke strumming his acoustic guitar and singing yearning odes to countryside times gone by, probably with too much facial hair like the rest of them? Ha. They say that every song has already been written, but that doesn’t stop so many artistsContinue reading “Peter Darling – Limehouse”