Haiku Salut Lamp Show at Westminster Reference Library

On a Friday evening ending one of those Indian Summer September days, Westminster Reference Library was filled with people curious about discovering something new. Not necessarily through books this time. Hushed yet with a curious hum there was a sense that something a little magical could be about to begin. Looking like the eccentric livingContinue reading “Haiku Salut Lamp Show at Westminster Reference Library”

Pine Barons

Forming in the basement of Keith’s parents house whilst the guys were still at school in New Jersey, Pine Barons (Keith Abrams, Brad Pulley, Shane Hower and Collin Smith) write tunes constructed of off beat rhythms underneath simple chord structures. Yup, these guys aren’t rewriting the rule book, but that’s why they work. Last yearContinue reading “Pine Barons”

A chat with Joe Innes

A bit indie, folk, pop, anti-folk, what sort of music is it that Joe Innes & The Calvacade make? And who is Joe himself? And, whilst we’re at it – Brian?? Read on to find out more… For people who aren’t so familiar, can you give me a bit of background to you and your band?  So, I’veContinue reading “A chat with Joe Innes”

Scriggler: Live

A night of creativity and inspiration for the thinking person Music and words, stories and songs, poetry and performance all come together at The Harrison Bar, London, on Thursday 18th September for Scriggler: Live. Celebrating the launch of Scriggler, a hub for words, a magazine, social network, publishing and blogging platform for anyone who wantsContinue reading “Scriggler: Live”

Orlando Seale & The Swell

Once upon a time there was a (very talented) man with a guitar. He played folk style music, engaging crowds with his melodies and musings. Then one day he played with the The Southbank Sinfonia resident orchestra, and 8 members later, a musical beast was formed, all thrashy drums, whirling wind, bubbling brushes and everything inContinue reading “Orlando Seale & The Swell”