Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band

Flash Bang Band are something of a visceral and muscular band, their pop-psych merger and bounding energy flooding and flickering through everything they do. Having amassed quite a fan base in their home town of Brighton they are off on tour this month, taking their boundless energy and bustling rhythms around Europe. The fun andContinue reading “Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band”

Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving

I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but the party is well and truly on form when Brighton’s Flash Bang Band, who describe their sound as ‘wonky pop’ are there. With a strong DIY approach – producing their own videos, hosting their own live shows (including a sold-out gig on a busContinue reading “Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving”

The wireless this week

The wonderful Drew Worthley plays us some of his inspiring and intimate tunes whilst chatting away, full of charm and intelligence. I also play the following songs… Sky Larkin – The Day The World Turned Day Glo Molly’s Lipps – Scars Drew Worthley – Bone China Saviour Coves – Beatings The Orwells – In MyContinue reading “The wireless this week”