Canterbury Festival 2015

Chaucer was a fan, David Copperfield loved its beautiful ‘hot light’ and Virginia Woolf believed there to be ‘no lovelier place.’ The country’s most eminent Archbishop lives here and the Romans resided here long before them. There’s an avant garde jazz style named after the city, and Christopher Marlowe drew huge inspiration from his birth place. ThrowContinue reading “Canterbury Festival 2015”

James Murphy – We Used To Dance

The frontman from LCD Soundsystem writing an instrumental piece of gooey wonder for the soundtrack to a Noah Baumbach film. It’s the stuff indie dreams are made of. From the movie While We’re Young, We Used To Dance by James Murphy is a dreamy expanse of twitching arpeggios, exploring the traumas and tensions of life and change,Continue reading “James Murphy – We Used To Dance”

Who is London? 1000 Londoners

1000 Londoners is a project of films and people. Over five years a thousand people who call London home will be filmed telling their story, and the three minute videos posted on the website. A ‘unique digital portrait,’ anyone can be nominated, and as such the interviewees reflect the colourful human landscape of London. Everyone hasContinue reading “Who is London? 1000 Londoners”

Secret Cinema 21

Everyone loves a secret,to be part of a club. A chance to play and absorb yourself in a world removed from reality. Reinvention and the dawn of a new story are alluring concepts. It’s this has fuelled the success of Secret Cinema, and has meant that for each run thousands of people part with plentyContinue reading “Secret Cinema 21”

The Garage – Live

There’s nothing better than enthusiasm and an DIY attitude  especially when the output is so good. The Garage-Live TV, a series of six hafl hour programmes is a new show in the North East showcasing local talent and the myriad musical output from the region. Musicians and creative artists from across the region came together toContinue reading “The Garage – Live”