Whistlejacket – Duck Soup

Whistlejacket have announced that they’ll be giving away a free download of Duck Soup  another track from their upcoming What I Ate On Sunday EP, released on Feb 5th via Fierce Panda Records. Starting off like a shimmering Supersonic, it soon breaks out in urgent squealing guitars and clean drumming that merges psychedelic shoehaze andContinue reading “Whistlejacket – Duck Soup”

Desperate Journalist – Control

Their brand of urgent and tumultuous pop that London quartet Desperate Journalist have made their own is highlighted beautifully on their mesmerising new track, Control. Shadowy and chaotic, the leathery tune precedess the release of their self titled album in January, on Fierce Panda records.

Felt Tip – Simple Things

Three guys a one girl from London, Felt Tip make sort of stealthy indie that brims with low-key vitality (listen to those gentle whoops and the subtle twangs in Simple Things) in both their sound and presence, revealing very little for a band who have been making such massive waves. Quirky and direct, they are onesContinue reading “Felt Tip – Simple Things”

A chat with Desperate Journalist

A London four piece, Desperate Journalist make beautiful vibrant punk and intelligent dramatic pop. Formed one Sunday afternoon in a pub near Finsbury Park, their home stomping ground, they are Jo on vocals, Rob on guitar, Simon playing bass and Caz on drums. Of course there has been speculation as to whether the name isContinue reading “A chat with Desperate Journalist”

Dingus Khan – Support Mistley Swans

Released Monday 22nd October on Fierce Panda Three drummers, three bass players, a singer complete with a guitar, and ‘an electric ukulele wizard.’ On paper it practically pulsates with energy, and the music of Dingus Khan follows suit. Slightly messy and chaotic in the way of early Art Brut or Johnny Foreigner, they play fast and furious,Continue reading “Dingus Khan – Support Mistley Swans”