An interview with Philip Whiteley

Hot off the back of his brilliant performance at another successful Margate Bookie, I caught up with author Philip Whiteley, whose third novel, A Love of Two Halves, published by Unbound, is now on sale. Where did the idea of the story in A Love of Two Halves come from? I’m from a Leeds United supportingContinue reading “An interview with Philip Whiteley”

Pulp Fiction

A couple of years ago, inspired by our love of music and words, we gathered together stories written by lots of talented people to curate the Stories from Songs project, a collection of short stories inspired by lyrics from songs, a zine of the stories, and an event where talented musicians performed covers of theContinue reading “Pulp Fiction”

Writing what you don’t know – Paul Cooper discusses River of Ink

‘Write what you know.’ It’s a well used and oft quoted piece of advice for aspiring writers. But consider the role of historical novels, sci-fi sagas and fantasy fiction. How do writers approach these genres and produce work that is set in spaces and places far removed from their experience, yet manage to build narrativesContinue reading “Writing what you don’t know – Paul Cooper discusses River of Ink”

Writing Raw – Dead Cold

‘Mate, will you just settle on a station.’ Said Rob in frustration, as Mark pressed the tune button again.      He’d been in work thirty seven minutes. It should have been fifty four, but alarm clocks and such binary measures of life had become insignificant since Anna left. He’d spent the whole time trying toContinue reading “Writing Raw – Dead Cold”

Some recent pieces of fiction…

A few links to recent forays into creative writing… Stepping Out, a quickly scribbled poem of haikus in Peeking Cat Poetry. Not Enough, started at a workshop organised by Spread The Word, and published on Londonist. The Library Gang, an idea taken from a stand up routine I saw on New Year’s Eve, on ShortContinue reading “Some recent pieces of fiction…”