What do you do if…. You have lots to say but no-one seems to be listening. You can’t sing in that traditional, melodic, holding a note sense of the word. You want to have fun and hang out with other women. You have a day job that drags and gives you no creative or intellectualContinue reading “Reykjavíkurdætur”

Being bold for change – Kent creativity

March 8th is the annual International Women’s Day, celebrated globally. Since its beginnings in the 1900s IWD grown in its mission to celebrate the unity of women, females and girls around the world, whilst at the same time advocating gender parity. Some ask whether we still need such a day, but when you consider thatContinue reading “Being bold for change – Kent creativity”

her – Half Moon Theatre

Life as a fifteen year old girl can be hard. But living in London it can be difficult to remember just how hard. In conflict zones across the world just the basic struggle to survive is a daily reality. In her, a live graphic novel, combining stage action, film and animation through clever technology, writerContinue reading “her – Half Moon Theatre”

Bryde – Honey

Girls and guitars are either described as angry or gentle – the binary divides that exist in much of our lives plays out even when it comes to music. But Bryde is both fierce and fragile, and on new single Honey she echoes early PJ Harvey, more upbeat and intense than her previous single Wait.Continue reading “Bryde – Honey”

Lucy Dacus – I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Any More In I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Any More Lucy Dacus explores the role of women in music throw twanging shifts of rhythmic guitar and warm vocals. There’s an understated energy and downplayed wit to her tunes, which, supported by a talented task of Richmond based musicians, transcends the personal. Taken from album No BurdenContinue reading “Lucy Dacus – I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Any More”