Throwing Up – Snake

London band Throwing Up are what I would call gentle punk, the frantic DIY drama of the music offset by the soft and soothing husky vocals from singers Clare and Camilla. They have been getting a lot of buzz recently,, and here is last summer’s Snake. A crush on a knob sucks, but at leastContinue reading “Throwing Up – Snake”

Weird Menace – Weird Menace

Weird Menace are three girls from Dalston who make moody and sinister sounds. Their 100 run EP was released back in March on cassette (I know, I know, I’m late to the party) and features five feedback heavy, convulsing and fuzzily fragmented tunes. Weird Menace, the song rather than the band, is a song ofContinue reading “Weird Menace – Weird Menace”