Shopping – Initiative

Angular pop tunes with a plasticky feel are what Shopping have made their own, and new single Initiative is no different. A jubilant feel underpinned by eighties synths and pulsing beats, it has a belligerent feel that ripples along with a vibrant trajectory. The band are now four albums in (All Or Nothing is outContinue reading “Shopping – Initiative”

Honeyblood – Babes Never Die

The electrifying Glaswegian duo Honeyblood have shared their video to Babes Never Die, the title track from their sophomore album. Capturing the visceral intensity of their firey live performances, the footage includes that of photographers, fans, and behind the scenes snippets. A sense of triumphant menace and dazzling permeates their hypnotic melodies and scuzzy bass lines, asContinue reading “Honeyblood – Babes Never Die”

Honeyblood – Sea Hearts

Some bold and angsty punk pop from Honeyblood in new single Sea Hearts, taken from new album Babes Never Die. The tumultuous waves of frantic guitar that slip over your skin suggest that the Scottish duo have seen some shattered hearts in their time, and show no remorse at creating a racket about it. Was it theContinue reading “Honeyblood – Sea Hearts”

Mazes – Hayfever Wristband

Mazes have announced a new album, Better Ghosts, a ten track mini-album (longer than some) that will be released on 21st November via FatCat Records on vinyl and digital download. This is the first track, Hayfever Wristband, and it is tight as a slinky, it curves and jitters, the metronome beat flickering away and keepingContinue reading “Mazes – Hayfever Wristband”