Scriggler #6 – festive favourites, no tinsel

  Who’s up for some literary fun then? It’s been over a year since the first event and as we’re coming up to a rather special time of year, we thought it would be worth celebrating with a bit of a ‘best of.’ Scriggler Live #6 – The Christmas special, will be taking place on ThursdayContinue reading “Scriggler #6 – festive favourites, no tinsel”

World Book Night

April 23rd is UNESCO’s International Day of the Book and for the last five years, World Book Night, the annual celebration of reading and books. Across the country passionate volunteers give hundreds of thousands of books away in their communities. The aim is to reach the 35% of the adult population who don’t read forContinue reading “World Book Night”

Siren: Blitz Party

V signs and Victory rolls, pride and passion, blackout blinds and banter, and a right good knees up. Whether it’s historically accurate or not, we associate the Blitz as a time of camaraderie and good times, when everyone lived for the now, and had a good time doing so. The brilliant Bourne & Hollingsworth areContinue reading “Siren: Blitz Party”

Scriggler: Live

Scriggler: Live A night of creativity and inspiration for the thinking person Music and words, stories and songs, poetry and performance all come together at The Harrison Bar, London, on Thursday 18th September for Scriggler: Live. Celebrating the launch of Scriggler, a hub for words, a magazine, social network, publishing and blogging platform for anyoneContinue reading “Scriggler: Live”