Compassionate Living with Lucie Manning

We all want to be kind, nice, good people. But what does that look like in practice? Compassion and kindness is something easy to talk about, but can be hard to enact – an even harder to communicate to others. Lucie Manning shares her lifestyle via her Instagram Compassionate Living – and I chat to herContinue reading “Compassionate Living with Lucie Manning”

What do you think of ethical and fairtrade goods?

Paprika have created a survey in order to learn more about consumer shopping habits and knowledge surrounding Fairtrade and ethical goods. A complex area of business, and something of a minefield for many consumers, this should be an interesting area of analysis.Plus you can win a holiday to France, so why not?!

We need to use Grandma as inspiration to bring sustainability back into food

Deciding what to eat has never been so complicated. Equally, the potential effect of those decisions has never been so profound. Everyone wants to eat ‘well’ or ‘be good’ but what does this mean? Low-carbon, locally sourced, fair trade, organic: how should we measure the ‘goodness’ of our food? Read more at Blue & Green.