Silent Devices – Two Decades

Francesca Baker If Brother are the new Oasis, Tribes the next Pulp, and 2011 is the next year of Britpop, then surely, to properly match the mid nineties, there is an Embrace shaped hole to be filled? Step forward Silent Devices. Soaring piano melodies lead the tracks, ‘Two Decades’ being full of moments where aContinue reading “Silent Devices – Two Decades”

Low Duo – The EP of Hope and Despair

People Are Strange Records Dec 11th 2010 Francesca Baker A band of two people, only one set of vocals and one instrument per song, just over three months on, and a five track EP. Not the stuff of seasonal excess – and so much the better for it. Minimalist but not emaciated, Low Duo haveContinue reading “Low Duo – The EP of Hope and Despair”

Alphabet Backwards – The Superhero EP

Kittiwake Records Oxford five piece alphabet backwards have all that is required to become a mainstream success: bundles of energy, good looks and most importantly fantastic ‘pop’ tunes.  The self titled debut mini-album received some great reviews, but not the radio airplay or commercial sales that it deserved. Now, alphabet backwards are back with ‘The SuperheroContinue reading “Alphabet Backwards – The Superhero EP”