Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers

Clearly fans of carbs, Porridge Radio’s latest EP Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers is a bright and blustery collection of tunes that covers all the struggles – life, love and boredom. Describing themselves as ‘five idiot savants’ their scrapbook approach to writing, performing and recording sees an eclectic blend of influences touched by crazy imaginationsContinue reading “Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers”

ISLAND – A Place You Like

‘I’m walking on golden tainted skies’ sings Rollo Doherty on ISLAND’s new track A Place You Like. It’s yearning and searching, over what sounds like coconuts clapping together as gentle guitars roll together and leave space for his case for romance. Heartfelt and warm, sad and mournful, it still hits with pounding force as itContinue reading “ISLAND – A Place You Like”

Whistlejacket – Duck Soup

Whistlejacket have announced that they’ll be giving away a free download of Duck Soup  another track from their upcoming What I Ate On Sunday EP, released on Feb 5th via Fierce Panda Records. Starting off like a shimmering Supersonic, it soon breaks out in urgent squealing guitars and clean drumming that merges psychedelic shoehaze andContinue reading “Whistlejacket – Duck Soup”

Yumi Zouma, Bo En & Adolescent @ Red Gallery

April 18th 2015 It was my first visit to the Red Gallery, humming with hipster vibes and creativity as the red lights glowed through it. Kicking off the night were Adolescent, a duo rocking the Mac and the bass, interchanging and twisting their way through classically structured songs filtered through a modern groove. After Bo En‘sContinue reading “Yumi Zouma, Bo En & Adolescent @ Red Gallery”

Tuff Love – Dross EP

Packed with fuzzy thrills and ruffled melodies, Dross, the new EP from Tuff Love is a musical map of the realities of daily strife and modern angst, dreamily delivered by the Glasgow duo. With their disjointed and slightly distorted sound Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals) reveal themselves to be competent creatorsContinue reading “Tuff Love – Dross EP”