Reading the nature of place at Wealden Literary Festival

Given that writing is about life, and life takes places in a location, it’s actually more surprising than more word events don’t focus on the where. Even more rare is a literary soiree that embraces the ‘where’ outside – nature, environment, and landscape. The Wealden Literary Festival is a celebration of the outdoors, the natural world and theContinue reading “Reading the nature of place at Wealden Literary Festival”

Bruce Nixon – A Better World is Possible

Catastrophe is inevitable believes Nixon. Climate change, peak everything, destruction of the  ecosystem, poverty and economic injustice, violence, war, terrorism and the threat of nuclear annihilation: the combination of them all threatens to engulf our world. The problems are not ones that can be solved by sticking plasters and short term measures, but a changeContinue reading “Bruce Nixon – A Better World is Possible”

5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review

5×15. Not 75, but an evening of intellect and inspiration. A brilliant concept, developed by journalist Rosie Boycott, her daughter Daisy Leitch and the literary events promoter Eleanor O’Keeffe, the event is a highly relevant literary smorgasbord. Five speakers, 15 minutes each. Sometimes there is no connection between the orators at all; the only linkContinue reading “5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review”

Should I stay or should I go? The environmental tourist’s travel dilemma

True environmental travel is about education, and not about taking selfies with a bottlenose dolphin. We rocked and rolled across the sand dunes of Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Our guide told us how unique the location is, how it is home to fauna andContinue reading “Should I stay or should I go? The environmental tourist’s travel dilemma”

Sustainable tourism: ‘going green’ doesn’t just mean a splash of colour

Green has become cool. Show me a hotel, restaurant or travel company that doesn’t have a green policy or environmental statement and I will eat my organic hat. This is, of course, fantastic: the more places that commit to recycling or saving water, the better for us and our environment. Problems appear when ‘going green’Continue reading “Sustainable tourism: ‘going green’ doesn’t just mean a splash of colour”