Fiona Bevan

Gentle storytelling beauty is what Fiona Bevan specialises in, her knowing yet sweet voice cooing over gentle melodies. Described as ‘pop in disguise’ it is immediate and hook laden, without any saccharin sweetness and packaging that the genre becomes so often derided for. (As the co-writer for One Direction’s Little Things, along with Ed Sheeran,Continue reading “Fiona Bevan”

Jake Morley – Many Fish To Fry

Released March 26th 2012 on Sandwich Emporium Records Reviewed by Steve Boniface With the current wave of male solo singer-songwriters taking their place in the public consciousness it’s hard to say whether or not Jake Morley’s emergence is perfectly timed. The current focus on artists such as Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran could mean thatContinue reading “Jake Morley – Many Fish To Fry”

White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes…

Recognise that? Course you do, but for what reason? Literally every girl on the universe has taken a picture of themselves, posted it on Facebook with those lyrics as the caption and suddenly after 34 seconds of having been posted, the picture has 14 likes and 17 pretty similar comments reading ” omg babe uContinue reading “White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes…”