5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review

5×15. Not 75, but an evening of intellect and inspiration. A brilliant concept, developed by journalist Rosie Boycott, her daughter Daisy Leitch and the literary events promoter Eleanor O’Keeffe, the event is a highly relevant literary smorgasbord. Five speakers, 15 minutes each. Sometimes there is no connection between the orators at all; the only linkContinue reading “5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review”

Economy or environment – why choose?

Of the many issues and news stories in the media and our minds, the economy and the environment are two that often warrant the most column inches. This commonality is however what many deem to be the only feature that the two share. Admitting to a focus on the economy has you cut out asContinue reading “Economy or environment – why choose?”

Whose job is recycling anyway?

Rubbish is bad, recycling is good? Right. But who’s job is it? Should each individual take responsibility, or is it up to the government to encourage, coerce, or force where necessary, people to recycle their unwanted goods and packaging. Targets have been set for the UK. By 2020 the UK is expected to have reachedContinue reading “Whose job is recycling anyway?”

Athens, grittily getting on

Pelts of heavy rain hit my highly permeable clothing, as I amble between cars and puddles, trying to avoid them both, all the while ducking trees and keeping an eye out for a place of refuge – a café. The hen do hasn’t gone quite to plan. Our beautiful spacious apartment is indeed beautiful andContinue reading “Athens, grittily getting on”