How to Feel the Fear and Eat It Anyway by Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison

We’re obsessed with eating. What we eat, how much of it, when we do it, how we do it, and what it looks like. But this enthrallment with what’s on the plate (or artisan slate board) and in our bodies is making us miserable. With eating disorders at endemic proportions, disordered eating the new norm,Continue reading “How to Feel the Fear and Eat It Anyway by Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison”

Grandma vs Food Rules

Sometimes I tie myself up in knots thinking about the different food rules out there. A basic need has become pretty confusing. With magazines, bloggers, public policy and organisations all espousing to us what we should and should not be eating it can be difficult to follow the body and eat a diet that worksContinue reading “Grandma vs Food Rules”

Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery

Recipes for Recovery I’m producing a small recipe book to raise money for BEAT, the UK’s leading charity for support for recovery from eating disorders. Conversations and experiences with therapists, professionals and those suffering and recovering from the illnesses, have taught me that learning to love and connect with food again is a huge stepContinue reading “Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery”