Last Letter From Istanbul by Lucy Foley

In Allied occupied Constantinople, in the 1920s, a house is transformed into a hospital. A young boy learns English, the language of the hated soldiers, yet one that opens up many opportunities. He has a talent for cooking – a language in itself. His mother, bereft at the loss of her brother to war, finds herself challenged andContinue reading “Last Letter From Istanbul by Lucy Foley”

Martha – Sleeping Beauty EP

There’s something lovely, and surprising, about a band making a mixtape. Of course, when you consider it rationally, of course they should be interested in music, of course they should be supporting one another, of course they dance until they drop to songs that shoot them through with adrenalin, and of course they should wantContinue reading “Martha – Sleeping Beauty EP”

T-Shirt Weather

A bit punk, a bit pop, T-Shirt Weather are a three piece from the stunning  cathedral and castle city of Durham and T-Shirt Weather play fun and frantic music not to be taken seriously. These four songs, recorded over three days on chrome tape (a nightmare apparently) the tracks from their latest split EP with KingstonContinue reading “T-Shirt Weather”

Cattle & Cane – EP

Released on 16th October 2011 through Toasty Recordings Latest EP Cattle & Cane is full of climbing chords, expansive endings and reflective laments – not necessarily what one expects from a group growing up in Teeside. On opener Waiting Helen loops her lips around the words with a slight huskiness, but its grandiose chorus and fist clenchingContinue reading “Cattle & Cane – EP”