Play time! Even for adults.

We have this binary distinction in terms of the activities we can engage in, all defined by age. Play is for children; work is for adults. You can label activities such as drawing, role play, sports, aimless wandering etc as work, mindfulness, exercise or just necessary, and some how that legitimises them. But what’s wrongContinue reading “Play time! Even for adults.”

It's All Happening DJ Early Doors Disco!

On Wednesday 7th November the ONLY place for all hip young things who are fans of dancing, drinking, and dreaming at a reasonable hour, is Drink, Shop, Dance, the eclectic venue in King’s Cross. The fantastic Early Doors Disco continue their monthly residency, and have invited It’s All Happening along for the party. Pictures fromContinue reading “It's All Happening DJ Early Doors Disco!”