Salt Cathedral – Fields

Salt Cathedral have launched their newest video Fields, a delightful and sparkling set following a ageing and ailing man discovering glimmers of joy. Flickering with steady patterns of sonically colourful ephemera, interspersed with lush harmonic vocals, all over a cantering beat, the song is built of many layers, Dripping with mesmerising and cinematic ambience, it’sContinue reading “Salt Cathedral – Fields”

The Ludlow Thieves

Bear with me here. I am going to use the words ‘Americana,’ ‘Stereophonics’ and ‘good’ to describe a band. There, done. And genuinely meant. The Ludlow Thieves are comprised of an Iowa gospel guy, a classically trained musician and a Manhattan hippy it is no wonder that the music is difficult to pigeonhole but words likeContinue reading “The Ludlow Thieves”

August And After – Embers

Released August 1st Two people, ten guest musicians, a haunt of instruments, and an album of subtle beauty. August and After, also known as Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar, release Embers, an album with a title well chosen, its beauty lying in its gentle flickering rather than any brash roar. Music of a vespertine air, as theContinue reading “August And After – Embers”

Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP

Released on Cool For Cats Records on April 29th From the opening gentle picking pattern on Rain At Night and the first time we are introduced to the warm wholesome vocals of Malena, through to the final lulls of Si Quedamos the debut EP from Oh So Quiet is one uses strings and strums to their full effect, being soothingContinue reading “Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet EP”

Eyes On Film – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Dirty, thrilling, scuzzy, get dawwwwn music, the debut EP  from London four piece Eyes On Film Something Wicked (This Way Comes) is out on May 7th, and this is the awesome lead track. Sonic distorted fuzz rumbling with eyebrow arching vocals and strutting guitar undulations, it rises to a climatic chorus before being stripped back toContinue reading “Eyes On Film – Something Wicked This Way Comes”