Her Mother’s Daughter – Alice Fitzgerald

In 1980, Josephine flees her home in Ireland to start a new life in London, vowing never to return. Until seventeen years later when she is summoned to see her dying mother In 1997 ten year old Clare is looking forward to the summer holidays when she is going to meet her grandparents in IrelandContinue reading “Her Mother’s Daughter – Alice Fitzgerald”

Lowly – Deer Eyes

Mesmerising is a word bandied about a lot by music journos and bloggers, but it truly applies to Lowly. Textured, oneiric, shifting and mysterious the Danish band’s latest track Deer Eyes is full of cascading synths and panoramic sweeps of rich keyboard melodies that synthesitically meld together. Restless and shifting yet also calming, the fiveContinue reading “Lowly – Deer Eyes”

Will Green – Default Setting: A Nervous Breakdown

Edward has a history of alcoholism and substance abuse, as well as self harm. When we meet him in Default Setting – A Nervous Breakdown he has just split up with Jess, the girl he thought was the love of his life. She’s gone off with someone else. And so begins his descent again. Will Green‘sContinue reading “Will Green – Default Setting: A Nervous Breakdown”

Drowners – Luv, Hold Me Down

Economic in words, aggressive in style, complexly layered, new album Luv, Hold Me Down by Drowners is a garage pop record exploding with shards of fizzing entanglements with life. Deliberately infused with the energy and passion of the bright lights in the big city of New York, the place that frontman Matthew Hitt found himselfContinue reading “Drowners – Luv, Hold Me Down”

Bambi – Reap From The Dying Love

Frolicking and cavorting along, but behaving nothing like a baby deer, new track Reap From The Dying Love from East London’s Bambi is a dance tune of style and substance. Slightly intimidating in its unflustered and intoxicating tone, it’s a great representation of their brand of sensitive songs smacked up with riotous beats. Sleek andContinue reading “Bambi – Reap From The Dying Love”