Black History Month – Making a difference with diversity

‘Too white, too male, too middle class.’ It’s a soundbite we hear too often in the UK, and in 2013 was the words of an independent review Government review into skills and leadership in the voluntary sector, led by Dame Mary Marsh. October is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge black history,Continue reading “Black History Month – Making a difference with diversity”

Canterbury Festival 2015

Chaucer was a fan, David Copperfield loved its beautiful ‘hot light’ and Virginia Woolf believed there to be ‘no lovelier place.’ The country’s most eminent Archbishop lives here and the Romans resided here long before them. There’s an avant garde jazz style named after the city, and Christopher Marlowe drew huge inspiration from his birth place. ThrowContinue reading “Canterbury Festival 2015”

The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree – Ashoka Sen

The sensual image of The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree is an apt one for this collection of eighteen short stories. Simultaneously warm and severe, wintery yet growing, simple whilst highly stimulating. Ashoka Sen aims to articulate the difficulties and battles that spring from the fertile space where Indian and British cultures meet in her variedContinue reading “The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree – Ashoka Sen”

A movie trip around Malta

Sunny skies, historic buildings, dramatic scenery and the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean (as well as favourable tax rates – the Malta Film Commission offer various incentives to attract overseas film-makers) have seen Malta play host to film makers from all countries and genres over the years. Check out some pretty spots on this tiny island toContinue reading “A movie trip around Malta”

Arty places to rest your head

A few months ago, when visiting the cool little capital of Wellington, New Zealand I stayed in the beautiful Museum Art Hotel. Filled with beautiful sights and sumptuous surroundings, it was proof that where you sleep is about much more than the bed, but also how a little creativity can really elevate a hotel fromContinue reading “Arty places to rest your head”