Cults feat. Christopher Owens – I Got Your Message

I Got Your Message is Cults‘ latest track, and it’s a poppy and singalong belter of a tune – there’s even whistles! Starting off with a beating trip down a helter skelter, before embarking on a journey of succint verses and compelling choruses, it’s a sprawling and captivating affair. The band are heading to UK shoresContinue reading “Cults feat. Christopher Owens – I Got Your Message”

Cults – High Road

On new single High Road from Cults the slinky and sinister start lures you in with no indication of Madeline Follin’s saccharine sweet vocals that await. As is typical of the NYC band, nifty fragility and hints at intimacy are left underneath synth laden guitar pop, who are well known for their hazey strain of rock.Continue reading “Cults – High Road”