BUST Craftacular

As should now be apparent, craft is super cool. An expression of personality, and opportunity to indulge the creative side, and a desire to be a bit more authentic in how we consume, there’s a whole host of people not only dabbling in craft but popping up and making a living from them. Super sassyContinue reading “BUST Craftacular”

Some feedback…

‘Excellent way to begin to be more creative and take time to enjoy the small things and big things in life. It made me think about starting to write for pleasure more frequently.’ ‘Just wanted to say thank you for offering the great experience yesterday, and it’s something that I would love to do again. IContinue reading “Some feedback…”

Pandorasdiary – Smell The Roses

Some artists are true creatives, refusing to accept the status quo and pushing forward with new and innovative ways to create music and share those sounds. Pandorasdiary is launching a video of a flashmob tour during rush hour in London – playing the song in 5 different locations, gathering friends along the way. ‘London canContinue reading “Pandorasdiary – Smell The Roses”

Collaborative Creativity

I went to the pub, met some random people from the London ‘Zine and Self Publishing Group, ate some chicken, drank some wine, and made a collaborative ‘zine – in under 2 hours! Poet Sarah Dawson has written all about the evening on her blog.    

Cultural Guide to Wellington: The Coolest Little Capital

The New Zealand capital of Wellington is a centre of creative activity, inspiring architecture and refreshing natural beauty. I wandered the Wellington streets to discover the most intriguing things to see and do in this highly underrated city. The Lonely Planet has a habit of saying things that have longevity. A few years ago it dubbed WellingtonContinue reading “Cultural Guide to Wellington: The Coolest Little Capital”