Upholstery for a Good Life

If you’re anything like me, you often see worn pieces of furniture in the charity shop or loved but lagging items in your grandparents’ homes and think ‘Oooh, I could do something with that, make that really nice,’ your little eyes filled with images of a cottage industry creating your own perfect retreat – andContinue reading “Upholstery for a Good Life”

So sew

There’s something incredibly gratifying about sewing, knitting, cross stitch, dressmaking, and the like. The tactile nature of using your hands when so much of our lives exist in the digital world. The delight in letting you imagination reign as your play with creativity. The satisfaction of following a pattern with care and precision. Spending hoursContinue reading “So sew”

WOLVVES and their kit

It’s rare to find top notch musicians and producers giving their soul to a musical project that puts edge and experimentation before anything else. Such is Brooklyn band WOLVVES, formed by the Valleau triplets, who forge suspenseful (if not terrifying), noir, experimental electronic rock. We asked a few question to the knob fiddler in theContinue reading “WOLVVES and their kit”

Blackout poetry – an interview

I saw some images that made me look again. A merger of different forms of art, the words leapt out from colour and texture, an aesthetic delight, a thought provoked. A page of text is reduced to a few words, the meaning altered. It’s simple to do, yet requires thought and insight. A new wayContinue reading “Blackout poetry – an interview”